About Us

The top three established agencies in Malta merged and as a result, Top 3 Travel is today one of the largest travel management companies on the island.

Through this joint venture EC Travel, Howards and Unique are not only able to consolidate their market and offer better value to their clients, but are now in a position to offer a comprehensive array of value for money services and products to their customers.

As a customer, you may already know what type of trip you are looking for. Or perhaps you’re open to ideas, and require guidance on some of the many options at your disposal. Either way, Top 3 Travel can come up with proposals and solutions for you, and put forward an ideal itinerary or travel arrangement, to suit your exact requirements.

Choosing Top 3 Travel gives you the added benefit of the experiences and expertise of three of the more well-established travel agencies in Malta, acquired over decades of service in the travel trade. This places the Top 3 Travel team in a privileged position, able to fully understand every customer’s needs and offering a full personalized service whilst at the same time ensuring that Top 3 Travel offers are the most competitive in the marketplace.